Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My first post with pics!

Hello everyone! Ha Ha I have no followers! Anyways this is my Palette haul I just got this in the mail yesterday! I got so much to play with! I also got some NYX stuff to play with but I forgot to take a pic of that sorry. Here is the first look I did last night using these. I used colors from the 120 palette. Sorry for the yellow tone I still haven't mastered the night pics just yet. I promise the quality will get better I just need some practice. As you can see i didn't use any mascara this time. I was doing more than one look and my super long lashes collect alot of product and it's alot to try and clean off before I do my next look so alot of times I won't bother with it, if I'm doing multiple looks in a row.

Here you can see where I had a little trouble with balding. I was using my Jumbo Milk pencil from NYX for the first time as a base and I need a little practice.
All in all I think the 120 palette so far, is pretty great. I think the darker colors are much more pigmented then the lighter ones, but I will give this a few more tries before I make that call. Also they are kinda soft like moist almost. I think I will try and press these a little more with a coin or something. Anyways have a great day!


Lucy said...

Lovely makeup. I just think the white under the brow was too strong on a contrast. Otherwise you look super.

kittyluvscolor said...

Lucy - I totally agree. The white is actually the shadow primer I used and I forgot to use a highlight under the brow. I was just to excited to play with my new makeup. I'm so silly!